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About Us

We feel passionate about comic books, boardgames and RPGs and we want you to feel the same. Our goal is to get everyone in the world to love at least one comic or game. We want to let the world know that they're not just for kids.

Comics can be about love, hate, sex, politics, religion, life, death, anything. Sometimes stereotypical and sometimes the most amazing out-there pieces of literature you will ever read. We want to bring comics from subculture to mainstream because we love 'em.

We see boardgames and RPGs as activities which bring people together face to face rather than distant online events. They are about friendship, community and good old tradition fun! We run regular gaming events at all our stores, for more details check our events page or email us on the email below.

We want to meet other people who feel the same and people who are just curious!

We are a small independent business run by some of the friendliest people you will ever meet! We have four shops, located in Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester and York.

We'd love to know what you think about our stores and service, good or bad. If you have any feedback or just want to say hi send us an email at or join us on Facebook or Twitter.