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  • The Glass Is Half Full: My Comic, 'Tis Of Thee

    My name is Al Ewing, I write comics and I'm writing a series of increasingly regular reviews and musings for the Travelling Man website. For obvious reasons, everything reviewed thusly will be reviewed positively, because there are enough good comics out there for me to be unfailingly nice (and enough great critics out there that the bad comics don't get away with it).

    The Glass Of Comics, in other words, Is Half Full.

    So! I've put this off long enough. Let's talk about 2000AD - the UK comic that exploded onto the scene in 1977, kickstarting the careers of dozens of top-flight writers and artists, and is still going strong today. I started reading it when I was nine, and - barring a couple of hiccups - I've read it ever since. Around ten y



  • Romance is Dead - Chester Brown's 'Paying for it' reviewed

    Chester Brown’s latest graphic memoir ‘Paying for it’ was originally meant to be titled ‘I pay for sex’. A blunt declaration of intent if there ever was one, and whilst I understand the business sense in softening the title somewhat; I think the original does a far better job of conveying the confessional nature of the book. Sure, it might have offended a small minority of the book buying public, but it would have better prepared them for the unflinchingly honest account of paying for sex that lie



  • The Glass Is Half Full: There's No Stopping Us Now Now

    My name is Al Ewing and recently Travelling Man asked me to do a series of as-weekly-as-possible reviews. Less weekly lately, because I've been out of the country, finishing my next novel, Pax Omega, as well as writing the Judge Dredd Christmas episodes and the final part of my upcoming Jennifer Blood run - issue #4, written by Garth Ennis, is out today. Actually, I'm writing this during a brief break from these very deadlines.

    Anyway, for various obvious reasons, these reviews are all going to be positive. The Glass Of Comics Is  Half Full.

    This hastily-written column is one of probably four briefly detailing my picks out of the New 52, which is DC's new reboot-flavoured thing, as I got



    My name is Al Ewing, I write comics and I was recently asked to write some reviews for the Travelling Man site. Hello.

    For various obvious reasons, every single one of these reviews is going to be positive.

    And that's fine, because 1) we're in a new age of exciting criticism and loads of great people are being really critical elsewhere, in a good way, giving comics the kind of intelligent working-over it probably needs, or de


  • Our Goal.

    We feel passionate about comic books and we want you to feel the same. Our goal is to get everyone in the world to love at least one comic book. To let the uneducated know that they're not just for kids. They can be about love, hate, sex, politics, religion, life, death, anything. Sometimes stereotypical and sometimes the most amazing out-there pieces of literature you will ever read. We want to bring comics from subculture to mainstream because we love 'em. We want to meet other people who feel the same and people who are just curious!



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