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  • King of Tokyo - Review

    King of Tokyo box frontWhat's the most dangerous city in the world to live in? There are a lot of factors to consider when weighing the question – crime rates, environmental issues, amount of Swegway Hoverboard owners – but any sensible person will first and foremost consider the number of giant monster attacks in the area. And although New York can claim a fair few, Tokyo easily takes the crown.

    In King of Tokyo, the dice game by Magic The Gathering creator and games design maven Richard Garfield, Tok



  • Betrayal at House on the Hill - Review

    Betrayal at House on the Hill box frontWhy do I keep coming back to this spooky old house on the hill? The house so obviously evil that its façade is a big yellow demonic face? The house where I and the assorted oddballs who venture in with me are routinely cursed, possessed, terrorized or buried alive? The house where someone falls down the coal scuttle into the basement and spends an age trying to find the way out? The house that always turns one of my friends against me, usually putting them in cahoots with an undead s



  • Camel Up - Review

    Camel Up Box Front

    I think the blue camel hates me.

    The final furlong of the race is in sight, and blue has a one space lead on the orange camel. Due to his early commanding lead I've bet heavily on blue, and despite spirited showings from green and orange it looks to be a done deal (white is so far behind, I wonder if some light doping has occurred). Smiling at the thought of my winnings, I flip the pyramid and let a die tumble out.

    It's orange.


    I watch in horror as orange jumps up onto the back of blue, and in double horror as blue carries him over the finish line,