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THOUGHT BUBBLE PREVIEW!-Tragic Tales of Horrere Issue 1

horrere‘If You Go Down To The Woods Today’

Written by Rob Jones and Michael Sambrook

Art by Neil Ford


‘The Aufhocker’

Written by Rob Jones and Michael Sambrook

Art by Alastair McLauchlan


‘You Are What You Eat’

Written by Rob Jones and Michael Sambrook

Art by Gareth Sleightholme


‘Grimoire-Baby Bell Jar’

Written by Rob Jones and Michael Sambrook

Lettering by Rob Jones

Cover by Alisdair Wood

Published by Madius

£4-Available at Thought Bubble this weekend!


The first issue of Madius’ new anthology title, Horrere explodes out of the blocks with four radically different stories. The first is a simple, short story with a killer sting in the tail I won’t spoil here. The encounter between a small child and a Bigfoot doesn’t go the way you’d expect and the ending is a neatly realized piece of Americana nightmare fuel. Neil Ford’s art, all stark shadows and smiles a little too wide, is impressively atmospheric too.

‘The Aufhocker’, the follow up story is all set up but when it’s this fun, and this beautiful, you don’t care. McLauchlan's art is staggering, swept grey urban nightmares that look like Fritz Lang’s Instagram account and give you an immense feeling of oppressive tension. Another killer punchline, another great set of art, another win.

‘You Are What You Eat’ continues that strong run with art from King’s Leap’s excellent Gareth Sleightholme. His Geof Darrow-esque style is great and the story follows Madox, an endearingly grumpy in a post-zompoc, industrial future. Things are, by and large, okay. The world has weathered the storm and we’ve rebuilt enough for people like Madox to hate her job. Again, there’s a sting, and it’s one the story doesn’t try and hide but it’s still hugely effective. This is a world I’d like to see more, if nothing else because it’s that rarest of beasts; a new take on the zombie story.

Finally, ‘Grimoire-Baby Bell Jar’ has glorious, Vince Danks-esque scratchy art. It follows Fin, the daughter of a cop killed in odd circumstances. Years later she gets evidence not only of what killed her father but what it’s still doing. Aided by a motley team of colleagues, she sets off to battle the evil that’s defined her life. Confident, assured and clearly the tip of the iceberg this is a great kickoff to a long form story.

Madius’ anthology work has always been strong but Horrere is the strongest it’s been. Smart, pacy, nasty stories that really are calling from inside the house, it’s available now.

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