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Super Card Go

We operate a great in-store loyalty card programme, called Super Card Go!

A Super Card Go takes just a couple of minutes to set up and has a one-off set up cost of £3.

Whenever you purchase something in-store you'll earn 3 points per pound you spend. Whenever you accrue 100 points they will be converted into £1 of credit for you to spend in-store!

How you spend your credit is up to you, whether you save them up to pick a new game you've had your eye for a while, or spend it immediately to knock a little off your monthly comic purchase, either is fine by us!

Not only will you earn points for every purchase you make*, you'll also gain access to exclusive offers specially for Super Card Go holders.

*Excludes Gift Card purchases and non-Travelling Man ticketed events i.e: Thought Bubble Festival Tickets